Eden Bleu Resort

Project: Eden Bleu Resort
Client: Eden Bleu Resort
Completed: 2015
Location: Seychelles

Energy Audit and Sustainability Strategy Development

NLCE were commissioned by Eden Bleu Resort to complete an Energy Audit and produce a Sustainability Strategy Development for their Resort.  This report outlined the practical steps that can be taken by Eden Bleu Resort to firstly reduce its carbon and energy footprint and secondly to develop a sustainability roadmap embracing not simply energy reduction but encompassing a wider sustainability agenda.

A comprehensive assessment of the existing site which incorporates 90 Hotel Rooms & Suites, Conference Centre, Marina, Shopping Mall and Restaurants was carried out, the existing electrical and thermal energy requirements were assessed on site.  We also met with Ministry of Environment on site to discuss their views on energy and policies.

The report summarises the opportunity register in relation to energy saving interventions. The initial assessment is that an investment of €685,655 would yield annual savings of €357,254 and therefore a simple payback of 2 years. The opportunity register represented a total capital investment of €685,655.

  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Waste Disposal & Recycling
  • Contribution to Local Community & Economy
  • Sustainable Energy Initiatives & Renewable Technologies
  • Key recommendations included:
  • Recovery of heat for hot water from Air Conditioning
  • Retrofit energy efficient lighting scheme
  • Improved lighting controls
  • Adjustments to electrical supply (Voltage Tapings)
  • Energy monitoring system (Data Logger)
  • Introduce Controls to Punkah fans
  • Shower flow limiting device
  • Single glazing to double glazing
  • Installation of PV Panels to the roof of the Conference Room and Car Park
  • Implementation of Energy Performance Contracts