Vocational College, Enniscorthy

Project: Vocational College, Enniscorthy
Client: Co. Wexford E.T.B.
Completed: 2012
Location: Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

New two storey extension to the school comprising of multi media learning, gymnasium / sports hall, science laboratories, engineering technology room, construction studies workshops and general classrooms.

Refurbishment of existing school to upgrade all mechanical and electrical building services. This College is also used for 3rd level studies and training.

Key design elements comprised of:

  • Assessments & feasibility studies
  • Cymap computer module design programme
  • IES Computer modelling (giving various energy cost scenarios)
  • Energy efficient lighting design featuring daylight and presence detection
  • Integration of existing systems including fire alarm, heating, I.T. P.A. into the new installation
  • Daylight analysis and thermal model conducted to ensure building can be naturally ventilated and benefits from high levels of daylighting
  • Water conservation measures including cistern controls, low flow rate taps