Sustainability & Low Carbon

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Building Management Systems (BMS)

Our experience designing integrated building management controls, intelligent lighting controls, and demand based lighting and ventilation can be applied to both new and existing projects. Introducing these energy management features significantly reduces energy usage and costs.

Energy metering

Installing energy metering as part of the building management facilities allows for maximum demand controls, energy cost auditing for departments or building zones, and the implementation of energy usage targets.

Utility energy audits

Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers carry out all levels of energy audits, from quick, preliminary audits to full investment proposals. The audits involve spreadsheet calculations, degree day and temperature frequency analysis as well as building computer simulations and modelling. The reports and calculations are always extensively vetted by a Professional Engineer, to ensure the highest quality of work.

Energy usage targeting

We help clients set realistic energy usage targets and recommend ways to improve energy performance. Energy targets are identified by compiling data drawn from analytical tools, computer models and Utility Energy Audits.

Low carbon consultancy

Our Low Carbon Consultants provide specialist services including: the design of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), energy usage targeting, and utility cost auditing and feasibility studies. This includes identifying Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) and grant applications for the funding of Low/Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies which benefit the clients wallet and the environment. Applicable LZC Technologies include Biomass Boiler Plant, CHP, Heat Pumps, Solar and PhotoVoltaic, Wind Turbines and Waste Heat Recovery Systems.