The Building Energy Rating Certificate (BER) is part of the Energy Performance of Buildings EU Directive. The aim of the Directive is to make the energy performance of a building transparent and available to potential purchasers or tenants.

Our services include the Building Energy Rating assessments for both Dwellings and Commercial Buildings. Our BER services are especially beneficial when utilised at the pre-planning stage. We take a value engineering approach, which allows the alternative options for improved energy ratings and Part L Compliance to be budgeted and compared. In many cases this leads to a low cost, passive design solution.

A building energy rating certificate is issued after the BER has been carried out.

Preliminary BER Certificates can be provided using a Simplified Building Energy Model which gives a quick turnaround assessment at the pre-planning stage. For complex buildings that involve atria, natural ventilation and complex building structures, we use an integrated environmental simulation which allows much a more advanced computer simulation of the building.

In all cases, the Building Energy Rating will be accompanied by a detailed report. The report identifies building improvements and investment options for the client to improve the building performance and reduce running costs.