As part of Eason’s capital investment programme, the company completed a refurbishment and upgrade to its flagship O’Connell Street store. This was followed by the refurbishment of the basement area creating a child-friendly atmosphere in their ‘Easonology’ department.

Having completed full refurbishment works as well as an extensive collection of energy works this and several other stores, Eason’s have become a leading example of an energy conscious client. These upgrades were undertaken as part of a larger strategy to increase overall corporate energy efficiency.

NLCE carried out an SI 426 audit on the Eason buildings in order to help them meet their energy targets. This process acts as a useful methodology for establishing baseline energy usage and identifying key energy consumers on each site. It identifies the key opportunities around energy reduction and assesses the impact of these on current energy and carbon footprints.

The findings from this audit and the roadmap devised will act as a guide to help Eason’s ensure their targets are met and help toward achieving energy savings of 30%.