We help clients set realistic energy usage targets and recommend ways to improve energy performance. Energy targets are identified by compiling data drawn from analytical tools, computer models and Utility Energy Audits.

Throughout our years of building analysis and energy audits, we have established benchmarks in all areas and building types. When we initially meet our client, we talk through these benchmarks with the client to compare an energy efficient building and one that is not so. 

It is through these face-to-face meetings with clients that we explain the small differences in the buildings and the opportunities that we see in their building! We pride ourselves in setting realist annual targets - not pulling extravagant numbers from thin air. We will always show you our figures and methodology too, and even give you a full report on the topic. 

We have discovered that energy and target road mapping has been a clear and concise way of detailing year on year targets. We are providing this service to some of the biggest retail and leisure names in Ireland.