Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers have extensive experience of the compilation of reports for Clients and Insurers arising from a wide variety of mechanical and electrical incidents in buildings, both commercial and residential.

We have experience also in the project management and rapid reinstatement of mechanical and electrical systems following these incidents.

We carry out work nationwide and most of our work is obtained from referrals and repeat assignments with existing Clients.

Our engineers are all qualified and for technical incident reports we only use our most experienced and qualified staff.

In terms of service capabilities for the insurance industry we can offer the following:

  1. Inspections & reports at claim sites
  2. Project management of mechanical & electrical elements of claim sites to include:
    • Initial site inspection & reinstatement scope determination
    • Budget reinstatement costs
    • Agreeing costs and project timeframe with Client
    • Obtaining competitive tenders for reinstatement or negotiating costs based on industry rates
    • Supervision & certification of completed works
  3. Site safety audits in relation to mechanical & electrical elements of sites to include:
    • Thermographic surveying of site risk area’s
    • General electrical safety commentary
    • General mechanical safety (incl. lifts and escalators) commentary.
    • Review of standby power supplies
    • Review of site sprinkler systems
    • Review of existing CCTV, fire & security alarm systems
    • Review of building monitoring arrangements
  4. Smoke tests & simulations
  5. Expert witness representation in litigation proceeding



1. Fire in Retail Store resulting in extensive damage to site electrical distribution.

Production of incident report for Client & their insurers. Project Management of reinstatement of damaged cabling & provision of temporary power generation plant to minimize Client’s trade down time


2. Failure of low temperature freezer at Pharmaceutical Plant.

Technical report on cause of failure for loss adjuster


3. Leakage of flue gases from boiler flue into a Dwelling at Mt. Juliet resulting in serious Health & Safety Issue.

Technical report for Client


4. Injury to child in fall from Escalator in Retail Store.

Technical report for Client & Insurance Company.


5. Injury to maintenance personnel working on electrical distribution board in Local Authority Water Treatment works.

Expert witness for Local Authority in litigation proceedings.


6. Numerous light fitting fires.

Technical report issued on behalf of Client & Insurers.


7. Fire associated with Generator Flue resulting in temporary Retail Store closure.

Technical report issued for Client & Insurers.


8. Extensive fire damage to Secondary School in Tullamore.

Project management of temporary accommodation provision & reinstatement of all mechanical and electrical services to reinstated school.


9. Fire damage to Sennheiser Production Plant in Tullamore.

Project management of reinstatement of production in new facility whilst minimising loss of production down time.


10. Fire on electrical distribution board in large retail store.

Technical report for Client & Insurance Company. Project management of reinstatement of damaged board while minimizing disruption to trade.


11. Fire in Cleaners Room in Retail Store.

Technical report issued for Client & Insurers.


12. Light fitting falls to floor in Retail Store (Multiple reports).

Technical report for Client & Insurer explaining cause.


13. Fire in light fitting in Hotel Foyer resulting in temporary Hotel closure.

Technical report for Client & Insurer explaining cause.


14. Frost damage resulting in flood damage.

Technical reports investigating & explaining failure of frost protection measures within building