We’re all so busy these days that we get little time to actually relax. Therefore making that leisure time as enjoyable as we can by making it an experience - and a safe experience at that - is important to our clients.

The future of the leisure sector is changing. As people get busier and busier, people will be spending less on traditional leisure activities but more time doing what is needed in terms of health. Interest in health and attending gym classes has jumped dramatically recently. People are attending the gym for shorter periods of time but on a more regularly basis. This is due to tight working schedules and lack of free time. 

Integrating electronic technologies such as health monitors, workout recording technologies and televisions is also becoming a trend in fitness centres with people requiring a more detailed understanding of their workout. NLCE are assisting a number of leisure and fitness centres with mechanical and electrical upgrades as well as energy reduction programmes and energy efficiency upgrades. 


We are always looking to work on something different! If you have a project in the pipeline and would like to discuss with us how together we can bring your building to life, give us a call!