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NLCE have worked consistently on over 130 Lidl stores throughout Ireland and the U.K. With over 10.000 stores worldwide, 1.000 of which are in the UK and Ireland, the brand is always growing.

They lead the way in innovation and creativity in buildings for many to follow and were among the first supermarkets in Ireland to generate their own energy via PV arrays and install electric car chargers for customers in their store car parks.

NLCE are lead M&E designers for all new LIDL stores. We also provide maintenance to countless stores around the country in the form of energy works including electric car chargers, PV installation and BMS systems, as well as the updating of mechanical and electrical equipment in existing stores.

Lydl use solar energy in a number of their properties including their Head Office and our stores in Drogheda and Gorey. As part of the energy strategy all new Lidl stores will have PV arrays and electric car chargers.

We worked with Lidl on their first major solar installation in their Gorey store. Live since March 2017, it boasts 370 solar panels covering more than 600m2 of the store’s roof, while generating 20% of the store’s electricity requirements. This year it will generate 90,000kWh of electricity, enough to power 16 homes for a year! What’s more, this also reduces carbon emissions by 40,000kg per year, which is the same amount of carbon emissions a typical car would produce if it was driven around the world 7 times.