Glaziers Hall

The original Glaziers Hall was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666. Relocated to its current residence in 1808, the building is nestled under London Bridge and adjoins the famous ‘Nancy Steps’ made famous by Charles Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’. Glaziers Hall is now an event space with seven exclusive and unique event halls which have been built for groups.


Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers (NLCE) were appointed M&E co-ordinators during the construction stage, to help with the refurbishment of this beautiful and iconic building. NLCE’s role in this project was to both upgrade existing mechanical and electrical services and strip-out works, whilst also helping the M&E contractors with detailed design. Most of the building underwent upgrade including the new basement function rooms, the main kitchen, lobby & parlour on the ground floor, as well as the offices on the first floor.


Heating and Cooling pipework in the Glaziers Hall required re-routing and modifications to allow for new architectural openings. Due to a reduction in kitchen size, the level of air needed was reduced and the difference pumped to the basement. The basement had suspended linear fluorescent fittings, which were subsequently replaced with better quality and energy efficient LED lights. Emergency lighting which was previously controlled by means of key switches located next to the distribution board was replaced and upgraded to a more modern, self-monitoring system.

The first-floor offices at the time of NLCE entrance had no existing heating or ventilation provisions- therefore a new system was to be designed. Understanding how important fresh air is to both the health and the performance of employees is key in the development of sustainable buildings and therefore is adapted by NLCE in all of our projects.

The building’s energy is monitored by a Building Management System (BMS) which was installed by Beacon Controls. Lighting, heating and all other building services can be monitored and controlled through this BMS which will help develop energy-saving opportunities and ensure building services are being used efficiently. The BMS settings can be changed manually by Glaziers Hall staff or through an online portal by Engineers if environmental changes require doing so.

NLCE were delighted to be involved in this project and are excited to see our International portfolio growing – with such a spectrum of projects too!

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