We understand that some building require more TLC than others. The upgrading of an old building can be difficult in terms of striking the right balance between original and modern. It can also come as challenge to make changes to electrical installed items without damaging original features in the building. With all of these challenges comes experience, which is exactly what NLCE have in this area. 

Having completed upgrade works on a number of churches, historical buildings and landmarks, our engineers have learned every trick in the book regarding maintenance of old buildings. The Cathedral of the Assumption in Carlow, St. Senan’s Catholic Church in Kilmacow, Co. Kilkenny and the Twin Churches in Co. Wexford have all been upgraded under the guidance of NLCE staff.

Our energy staff too have completed a number of works to increase the overall energy efficiency of these historic buildings. Kilkenny’s Abbey Creative Quarter is just one of the building that are now following an energy strategy.