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A defining characteristic which distinguishes the NLCE team from other retail consultants is the 40 years of experience we possess within the retail sector. This has ingrained within the team a unique and unrivalled understanding of retail. Central to this understanding is that in creating retail space we are entrusted with providing the environment that can be critical to the success or failure of the retail business. Across the team is the philosophy that our business is to make your business a success.

We bring innovation to our projects as we strive to design and deliver quicker without compromise of quality. Innovation also ensures that we seek to make the projects we deliver better than competitors. Positioning of retailers to fully exploit the interaction between online and ‘Bricks and Mortar’ is an important challenge. Emerging technologies to profile online activity with the customers subsequent visit to the physical store will all form important changes that will require engineering input and understanding. 

Understanding the importance and pressures behind a store launch and having the decisiveness and responsiveness to deliver on the many late requests that can arise in the final days and hours before a store opens is a key team strength. This support is provided by Senior Consultants within NLCE and is seen as a very important part of our service.

Another important area of NLCE team expertise is working within existing stores where complex projects are being carried out within trading hours. The careful planning and management of these projects on a phased basis ensure minimal disruption to store trade and timely completion of upgrade works. 

In summary, our key differentiator is ‘Our People’. Our teams experience, maturity, resilience and fundamental ethos of producing success for our clients ensures that NLCE Retail consistently delivers a better experience and project to our clients.