Tesla HI RES_018.jpg

NLCE were involved in the Design and Build of the Tesla site at Masthead. NLCE and sister company Pivotal International carried out works on this site in conjunction with BSPS Ltd. 
Having worked on the design of many showrooms and offices in the past, this retail space incorporated some new elements including an interactive area where customers could customize their cars. The project took 9 weeks to complete from initial M&E design to handover and close out. 
A number of areas required special attention including the office spaces, many of which had no windows and had a glass wall looking out into the car showroom. These spaces were heavily ventilated and included an air conditioning system to avoid overheating. The show rooms are long and wide, therefore ceiling hung lighting had to be incorporated into designs. These lights gave a gleaming finish to the cars and therefore improved the overall look of the site.